Dark Messiah- Immortal Battlefield

Dark Messiah- Immortal Battlefield
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Dark Messiah- Immortal Battlefield

“Immortal Battlefield” is the second demo from Dark Messiah, a black metal band from Greece. It’s been 4 years since their first demo Cd “Eosforou Risi” and the band now returns with eight new tracks in this, their latest release. I believe that we can easily say that this release may as well become a self financed album, but the band decided to put it out as a demo release, so I respect their choice. As mentioned above, the band treads the path of black metal, mainly but the also borrow some elements from death metal scene and the atmosphere that they manage to create bring to mind some epic metal bands. So we ‘re talking about a mix of black/death/epic metal. Dark Messiah, have commissioned the artwork from a professional graphic artist, thus the result is very good. Also the logo of the band is very good. The band has played several gigs with many renowned Greek metal bands from the extreme metal scene.


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